About mi…

I am a yoga teacher and traditional musician and dancer. In a previous incarnation I taught part-time while I “daylighted” as an editor for a small non-profit. Then, I met and married my husband, who just happens to have a boss named Uncle Sam, and we were whisked away to a military base in Turkey. Now, well, I’m a bit less busy. I teach yoga, and the only thing I edit is this blog (most of the time). I’m using this blog as a space for both keeping-in-touch with friends and family and for reflecting upon my “exotic” surroundings, the inevitable culture shock (from the military, mostly), and the unfamiliar identity of military spouse. I hope that this space will help to hold me accountable to both of those goals. It will also encourage me to write…an activity that I love but which often makes me feel a bit self-conscious.

Between my dude, J., my crazy dog, my family, friends, dance, tunes, yoga, fitness, and various other creative pursuits, my life before the move was certainly not dull. But, with this abrupt leap into a transient military lifestyle, I know that I will continue to crave consistency and community in addition to a creative outlet. As an avid blog reader, I look at this huge change as a wonderful opportunity to end my lurking ways and join in!




2 thoughts on “About mi…

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I just got to Incirlik 9 days ago. I found your blog cause I was looking for people who go rock climbing around here. Once I stumble on it I could’nt help but read the whole thing. I think it great you get out a travel, alot of people don’t. You would be able to put me in touch with your friends that took you climbing would you? Once my truck gets here I think I will go and find this castle aside from the awesome views that I got from your pictures I am just itching to climb. Any info would help. Thank you so much and enjoy Germany, I hope my follow-on will be there.

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