haus {before}

Two back-to-back posts might be a record for me. Before my time off the grid (length to be determined…) begins when we check out of the hotel tomorrow, I figured I’d give any interested parties out there a few more glimpses into what will be keeping me busy for the next little while.

Our living space:

The windows clinched it for me. Grey skies are apparently the norm around here, so it’s hard to say no to nearly a wall of windows! Our living room furniture will likely go over towards the right and our table will probably end up in the foreground on the left-hand side.

The kitchen (with J, our landlady, and a neighbor pouring over the house inspection document):

I love the funky green walls. I also love the South-facing window over the sink.

A view of the patio and the rear of the house from the yard:

Here’s hoping this mild weather sticks around long enough to have at least a few summer bbq’s on this patio…

Of course, I meant to take a picture of the bathroom, but by the time we got upstairs I got distracted by its shininess and by the fact that it has a shower and a tub in separate places!  For me, this is a big deal.

When exactly I’ll have internet again, I’m not sure. It might be a while… (Family, don’t fret. Cell phones will happen fairly soon, and, one way or another, we’ll have a way to call the States.)

In addition to getting the keys today, we spent much of the afternoon chatting with a very talkative and helpful Air Force retiree who now lives with his German wife in our new village. He is good friends with the landlords and seems like quite the man to know about town. He took us on a little tour of the town, showing us many of the back roads, pointing out his favorite restaurants and hang-outs, and the trails and parks where he takes his young son. He informed us that he plans to just pop over tomorrow to check in and say hi while our movers are there. I think we already have a buddy.

So, that’s that for now. I’ll see ya’ll when I see ya!



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