Kapikaya Canyon

Over Memorial Day weekend, our first weekend in temporary lodging, we drove about 45 minutes north of Adana to explore Kapikaya canyon. It’s quite a popular destination for folks on the base looking for an easy afternoon hike, and we decided it was time to see it for ourselves.  Since we were told that the path was fairly clear and that not much scrambling over rocks would be involved, we decided to bring Sadie along with us. Some of the castles that we’ve visited had places that would have been impossible to reach while holding a leash. With stray cats fairly prevalent around here we don’t trust Sadie to have the will power to resist feline-chasing opportunities, so a leash is a must.

I’m always forgetting our “rule” about bringing the camera everywhere. Otherwise, I would have too many pictures of goats/cows/sheep meeting modern life to even write home about. This is the first stoplight after turning onto the main road upon leaving the base. It’s not at all uncommon for agriculture to meet industry in Adana…

The drive took us up towards the mountains and as we reached the end of our written directions, the canyon made itself obvious–a deep cut in a foothill range with a silty river emerging from the gorge. We parked our car next to the river and found a wide path along one side heading into the canyon. Sadie, in typical fashion, left the car with much reluctance, but the further we walked from the road, the more her tucked tail relaxed and then began to stand up and wag at other walkers and the many smells she began to notice.

Just a little ways beyond the start of the path. This river was down below us to the right. Swallows nested overhead and they swooped down around us and into the canyon like mini pterodactyls.

Despite the occasional litter and evidence of campfires along the path, the word primordial  continued to surface in my mind as we walked along. Maybe the grayness of the water and the looping flight of the silhouetted swallows reminded me of artists’ renderings of flying dinosaurs and prehistoric landscapes, but something about shapes of the stone, the murky water, and the bright greenery made the gorge feel as though it had only just opened through the hillside. At any moment I expected more water to come rushing through–or, maybe a T-Rex….maybe. Not really. Well, maybe just a little bit…

I think some T-Rex footprints in that sediment up to the left would add just the right touch to this image, don’t you think?

Sadie in her element… A primordial poodle.

Towards the end of the trail, we caught a glimpse of a small waterfall.

We chose the perfect day to visit this place. It’s not that green here anymore. Summer weather has begun, and we’ve been consistently reaching triple digits for the last few days.

The entrance to the canyon as we returned to our car…

All in all, it was a refreshing outing. I very much enjoyed the chance to explore such a different landscape without having to travel too far. It was a breath of cool air and a nice taste of future scenic dog walks to come.


2 thoughts on “Kapikaya Canyon

  1. Can you post the GPS coordinates for the trail head? I think it’s this: 37.234975,35.023685 (just plug into google)

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