In May we went to Ireland. And then we came back to base. Bummer, right?

I feel as though I have so much that I want to write about, but I struggle with how to capture the odd ways that living in this fishbowl shape our (because J feels it too…) travels, and vice versa. Basically, I find myself coasting from excursion to excursion (as you can probably tell from the long gaps between blog posts…) and crashing hard when each one ends. I’m still in quite a dip after this last one in particular, because it was both a such a long time in the making and because it was Ireland.

For now, I will share some pictures and try to remind myself that just a few short weeks ago we were standing in sideways rain followed by brilliant sun and cruising confidently up and down the Irish west coast on the left side of the road in our little-bitty rental car. I played some tunes, caught up with old friends, and ate amazing gluten-free pizza.

The Cliffs of Moher--just before sideways rain...

A rainbow we caught while driving to dinner on my birthday. (J was driving--nobody worry!)

Lovely West Clare

Look closely at the sign and you'll see my new moto. Pretty much sums it up! 🙂

And, on THAT note, I’m wrapping this up. More thoughts and pictures to come!


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