If at first you don’t succeed…

…lie on the ottoman.

I intended my next post to recount our trip to Cappadocia a few weeks ago, but I decided to take brief interlude to recognize the persistence of our beloved poodle.

First, it was the loaner couch:

At the time, we chocked it up to the hard concrete floors, the unfamiliar surroundings, and the high likelihood that other dogs had once slept on that couch. Naively, we assumed that once our belongings arrived that her previous sense of boundaries would return (along with a healthy respect for our wrath). (Rest assured, this photo was snapped seconds before a ringing, “NO! BAD DOG!” echoed through the neighborhood.)


Exhibit A:

Classy, huh? This has now become our temporary strategy for keeping her off the couch while we’re gone–or while our heads are turned. (Yes, she’s that brash.) I say “temporary” because as soon as someone can tell us how to rig a booby trap that blasts an air horn when she jumps up there then we’ll gladly ditch the ironing board.

Moving on now to Exhibit B:

Like the tucked lamb-feet? Yeah, um, Sadie, I still know it’s you–the sheep impressions only confuse the herds of toddlers around here. J and I still know you’re a dog–a dog ON THE CHAIR! (By the way, in case anyone feels some sympathetic heartstring tugs from that fluffy face and those sleepy eyes, she does have a huge, plush dog bed right behind that very chair.)

And finally, Exhibit C, taken about twenty minutes ago (note that the ironing board is in place and a basket of folded laundry currently sits in the chair…):

I was wondering why she was suspiciously quiet despite the cat roaming through out front yard.

Any thoughts? Any suggestions? Right about now, that ottoman’s starting to look mighty comfy. Make room, Sadie!

Cave hotel, hot air balloon, and borderline obscene rock formation pictures coming soon! 🙂


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