This past Sunday was our one day off during these three weeks and I managed to see a bit more of this town and its marina during the daylight hours. (We also saw a bit more of the nightlife the night before, but I’ll get to that in a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Looking back at downtown Bodrum from along the marina walk.

How to describe Bodrum… It’s not easy. The best comparison that comes to mind is that it’s almost like the Hamptons of Turkey. It’s apparently the place to see and be seen for Istanbul high society. It booms in the summer and quiets considerably in the fall and winter months. The “Aegean” attitude here (since it’s actually on the Aegean sea and not the Mediterranean) makes it a relaxed, fun-loving, open-minded, and artsy place for busy urban folks from Ankara and Istanbul–and throngs of visitors from Germany, AND England, etc, etc.–to unwind. The scenery is beautiful with the mountains that grow out of the ocean and dip into sandy coves. All of the building are required by law to be white in “Bodrum style” and the streets wind picturesquely between their walls andย  well-tended gardens. It seems, though, that other than boating and swimming in the summer months, the many, many bars and nightclubs that line the marina and that open out onto the beaches are the main attraction. According to the locals in my program, the streets downtown become so clogged at all hours with tourists in the summer that it’s difficult to walk without bumping into someone–i.e., fall and spring are the best times to visit!

A view of Bodrum castle from where we had some tea on the beach.

For you, J, a sign that Harley’s are everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

We did get to experience a bit of that Bodrum nightlife on Saturday evening. One of our fellow trainee’s owns a popular restaurant/bar with her husband, and she invited us for a night out. We spent until the wee hours out on the patio enjoying food and wine and plate after plate of fresh fruit. A little silliness may or may not have occurred. Ten days of yoga can go right to your head!

Shoulders away from your ears, girls!

Since the weekend it’s been focus, focus, focus–I’ve spent an inordinate percentage of my time upside down since Monday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Only one more week to go! By then I think I’ll be ready to pause and absorb all that we’ve learned, but I’m very thankful that I’m now tapping into the yoga community here in Turkey. It means friends in many places.


One thought on “Bodrum

  1. Looks as though you’re having a good time and learning a lot. It looks really nice in Bodrum, I hope you and J can get back to that area.
    I’m sure he’s happy to know there are Harleys in Turkey. I’m also sure he’ll be glad to have you home.

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