This is the side of the studio building looking from our little flat which is upstairs from our teacher's house.

This is day 4.5. It’s been rainy (despite the photo above) and fairly cool here which has made the yoga studio feel really cozy and earthy. The rain has also curbed my itch to explore outdoors, so it makes the eight hours spent in the studio each day much more doable.

Now, before anyone freaks out about the thought of eight hours of yoga a day (yes, I’m thinking of you, Mom!), this is not just a yoga class that simply lasts for eight hours. A good deal of that time is spent discussing anatomy and yoga philosophy as well as breaking down a particular pose and practicing modifications, etc, etc.

Because we’re covering so much ground, it’s hard for me to believe that we’ve only been here for a little over 4 days. My brain already feels full, and I know that my teaching as well as my own personal practice will be greatly enhanced by what we covered just in these past days alone.

I’ve been thinking a lot, during this time, about the term ahimsa, which means “non-harming.” It is one of the primary principles mentioned in the Yoga Sutras. It is the reason why many of the yogis are vegetarian, but I’m realizing what a special significance it takes on as a teacher, in particular. We are learning so much about how to make yoga safe here–safe for anyone–which gives it an even broader capacity to do good.

I love that ahimsa is such a beautiful word and how it single-handedly encompasses the Golden Rule and the sentiments of the Hippocratic oath. Truth in simplicity, right? The emphasis on ahimsa affirms my gut feeling that the Golden Rule is really all that I personally need to feel fulfilled spiritually. I am also reassured by this simplicity. It reminds me that I don’t have to worry about subscribing to all sorts of complex practices and beliefs in order to maintain my integrity as a yoga teacher. Do unto others, live and let live, and do good by teaching well. That about says it for me.

Taken from the beach in the little town in the greater Bodrum area where the studio is located.


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