The Castle by the Sea

Sunday morning (of Labor Day weekend…) began much like Saturday with an outdoor breakfast and time spent on the beach.

The parasailing looked both fun and terrifying at the same time...

We went back to our room for a few hours to cool off in the afternoon and watched some sort of real estate program in German. Just for reference, Patrick was taking great pleasure the day before in informing everyone that the temperature, minus any shade or breeze, would feel like 122 degrees. Luckily, shade and breezes make quite a dent in that number, but we still needed a break from the outdoors before exploring this:

For dinner that night, we decided to follow the crowds, and we ended up at a very tasty buffet that seemed to have nearly every type of salad and side dish that we’ve encountered in Turkish restaurants so far, and then some.

And, on Monday morning, we enjoyed one more lovely alfresco breakfast, packed up the car, said goodbye to this one:

See how sad he is?

…and waved goodbye to Kizkalesi (for now…).

(And, as usual, J always keeps his eyes open for creative motorcycle contraptions. I had been spacing out on camera-duty, but I still managed to grab a glimpse of this three-wheeled version.)


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