The Great White Beast

Look at what finally arrived in our carport on Friday afternoon!

Yup, the good ole’ Sasquatch mobile has arrived in Turkey!

Still complete with evidence of home:

Now we’re one more step closer to finally living*here–as opposed to camping out–if only our actual household goods would arrive. We’ve been here for nearly 2.5 months and we’re still living in an essentially empty house. Yesterday was supposed to be our “arrive no later than” date for our stuff, but have we heard a peep from the travel office? Nadda. J is going to go and breathe down their necks for a while today. I’m just hoping and praying that our stuff hasn’t met the same fate as that of another family whose things somehow never actually made it onto the boat! They’ve been here as long as we have, and their stuff never even left the states. Fingers crossed that our crates aren’t keeping theirs company!!!

Aaaaaanyway, back to my beloved Sasquatch! While it feels quite luxurious (and a bit odd) to be driving such a….substantial….car as opposed to our little sub-compact rental…

This is actually one parked by a visitor to our nextdoor neighbors. Like the delinquent blogger that I am, I forgot to take any pictures of the one we used for over a month. But that's ok since you can see some more of our neighborhood here.

…whenever I get in my car, I’m automatically thrown back to the other places I’ve lived. It’s as though images of C-ville (and Bloomington, too!) are super-imposed over the manicured hibiscus bushes and banana trees, and, as I back out, I fully expect to toss it into drive and head over to my weekend yoga classes or the dog park or the grocery store or to go teach downtown. It’s quite possible that other drivers notice me blinking and shaking my head as I make my way down one of the two main streets here. (I better knock it off–“Pleasantville” is a small community! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

But, speaking of banana trees, look what I also discovered when I went outside to take a picture of the car!

That would be the beginning of a big banana pod hanging over our driveway. Since I took this pic on Friday, even more rows have emerged. Hopefully, by the time they’re ready to eat we’ll have our blender. I can just see the frozen banana smoothie potential now!

Last, but most certainly not least, we have a second great white beast in our house as of this weekend:

Say hello to Sadie–the Schnoodle? Fraggle Poodle? Cave poodle? Did you get a look at those eyebrows? We’re starting to get used to her new look after her grooming on Saturday, which means that we’re not giggling at her all of the time anymore.

I’ll bid adieu for now on that note. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “The Great White Beast

  1. Hi Mi
    Fraggle Poodle and Oz the Schnoz are definitely kissin’ cousins. She looks fab!
    The banana bunch looks like a wild hat worn at Mardis Gras. LM

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