Ok, so I lied–about two things, actually… First, we *did* end up going back to the mall on a weekend. But we managed to be shockingly productive! We went in search of a couple of folding chairs and an umbrella for when we returned to the beach the following day, and we left with those things plus beach towels and replacement soccer cleats for J in his exact, hard-to-find size.

The second thing I lied about is that I’d write about our first drive out to the beach town of Yumurtalik shortly. Instead, I waited so long that we made a second visit in the meantime. Interestingly (or, uninterestingly–depends on your perspective, I guess…), our impression after the second visit was somewhat different.

The first time we went, we got there on a Saturday afternoon. The main beach was decently crowded but our little cove wasn’t too bad.

The sand was scorchingly hot and the water was quite warm and noticeably saltier than my Atlantic experiences. The salt made floating very easy, though–even for floating-challenged individuals such as myself. We probably spent a good hour actually in the water. Without the shelter of an umbrella, though, further lounging on the beach was not really an appealing idea.

Enter our mall excursion a couple of Saturdays ago. Armed with two little fold-y chairs a wide umbrella and towels that we wouldn’t then have to hang back in our bathroom later, we set off on the 45 min. drive to the beachy town of Yumurtalik at around 9am on a Sunday morning. Thinking that we’d beat the crowds as well as the hottest part of the day, we were surprised to find it far more crowded than the week before.

The water was cooler but also a bit murkier, and since we were no longer blindly enthralled by the notion that we were ACTUALLY SWIMMING IN THE MEDITERRANEAN we ended up paying a bit more attention to other aspects of our surroundings including the litter on the beach and at the edge of the water, the smells of the food being grilled near by, and the fact that even though we’re far from the Jersey shore, “beach kitsch” still abounds.

I have my eye on one of those noodles for our next beach excursion, though. It would be the perfect solution to my little floating problem. 🙂 (Just to clarify, swimming: no problem. Just floating: what’s that?)

On the way back we had to dodge flying oranges. We’ve seen many creatively rigged motorbikes, but this one was having a few problems at high speeds, and oranges kept falling out of the white bag on his cart.

We hear that there are other beachy towns a bit further away that are a bit more relaxing and we plan to check those out as well. In the meantime (i.e. last weekend and this upcoming weekend) our plans include escaping the 105 degree (not including humidity) temps by jumping in the base pool. Not necessarily blog-worthy adventures. However, I do plan to share many of my recent cross-cultural experience and revelations soon enough. And, when I refer to the crossing of cultures I mean “Mimi meets military.” Seriously, talk about a language barrier with all of those acronyms! 🙂

As usual, plenty more to come!


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