our house.

We “moved in” on Monday after a bit of shuffling around with keys, delivery of loaner furniture (can we say college dorm, anyone?), and house inspection (i.e. teaching us how to work the Turkish brand dish washer…).

It’s in one of the older neighborhoods. There are three here. Two are older and one is quite new. Of the two older neighborhoods, we’re in the section that hasn’t yet been renovated. I’m still wondering why everyone keeps asking us if things are ok with the house–is there something that they know that we don’t? Yes, it’s quite obvious that this house was built in the 60’s or early 70’s, but the windows are huge and the appliances all work, and the layout is fairly user-friendly. Plus, the advantage of living in one of the older houses is that the landscaping is much more established. So, our yard has trees and shade and plenty of flowers.

Sadie’s been showing her appreciation:

Here are a few more images of the house, in case anyone’s curious:

our house from the street. They're all in little blocks of four, attached together.

dining area


living room--note the *huge* windows!


the room we'll be using as an office

the view from the window of the room we'll be using as an office...

The neighborhoods seems quite Floridian, no? I’m not positive, but I *think* the tree out front with the huge leaves is a banana tree… Yeesh–I almost feel like I should be dressing up in a matching track suit to go and find the club house to play Mah Jong (sp?). Ha ha! (I kid, I kid… well, kinda…)


6 thoughts on “our house.

  1. YAY! Wonderful pictures, Mimi! Sadie looks calm πŸ™‚ Glad you and Jeremy made it to Turkey! Hope you get settled smoothly! Wishing you ALL THE BEST in your new adventure!

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