Talking Turkey.

We’re here! Today is Thursday–I think… And we arrived early in the morning (i.e. in the middle of the night) on Wednesday after leaving the states on Monday night. While we accomplished a lot yesterday in terms of getting ourselves checked in (or “in-processed” as these military folks call it), including getting a house and arranging for temporary furniture while we wait for our own to arrive, I think we both walked around for most of the day in a deep fog. To be honest, I’m still feeling foggy.

Maybe today my brain will be functional enough to take in the fact that we live here now. Truthfully, this experience so far reminds me of nothing other than my freshman orientation in college. Remember those first shell-shocked days where every building seemed to look the same and when listening others talk sounded like a jumble of unfamiliar references and acronyms? It’s been nearly ten years and yet the feeling is so entirely familiar. Do you also remember how within weeks those same buildings take on meaning and permanence and you forget how it could be that they used to slide past your line of sight without recognition? I’m sure that will also happen here.

In some ways, this campus-y feeling is kind of fun… We’ll get to ride our bikes pretty much everywhere and most conveniences will still be within walking distance. They apparently appreciate anyone who wants to offer classes or lessons, so hopefully I’ll be able to patchwork something together for myself. It’s all very cute. And full of palm trees. For now, though, I need another cup of tea–more thoughts and pictures to come!


2 thoughts on “Talking Turkey.

  1. Hi Mi

    Palm trees – sounds wondrous! Biking around your new “village” will be fun and a great way to get to know folks. What’s the weather like? Laurie

  2. Hey Mimi! Thanks for sharing your link – I love your blog and plan to stop by to see what you’re up to (i.e., live vicariously through your awesome abroad experience!)

    You have made me feel pangs of my college freshman orientation experience… ah, CMU. I now fully appreciate what you’re going through. I think it took me a couple of months for it to start feeling like “home.” Sending warm thoughts and hugs! ❤

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