Air Base basics…

…are making my head spin. Today was my first encounter with a real-life Air Force base. (For anyone wondering how this could possibly be, there is no base in our current town. J and I met when he came here for a specialized graduate school program.) Needless to say, I think we both arrived home a bit dizzy from running in circles. We did manage to accomplish quite a few of the things we needed to do in order to actually move overseas. Considering the way many of J’s email correspondences have gone with some of these folks, I think we were both pleasantly surprised by our relative success.

But, because I’m someone who takes pride in the fact that I can often find a pretty smooth and quick route between points A and B, this whole process has been pretty mind-boggling. Somehow, I feel like we walked out of every office today with me saying something like, “but why couldn’t we have just…” Fill in the blank. Whew! I feel like I need to take a class in how things are done in this world–otherwise, I might just end up putting my foot completely in my mouth, and I doubt that will get us *anywhere*!

On a lighter side, we stayed at an awesome hotel last night in Old Town Alexandria. Woo whooo for Hotwire! And we ate delicious Moroccan food and got treated to a belly dancing performance. I love any restaurant where seeing “spicy” on the menu actually means that the dish will make your mouth burn–yes!

Does anyone know what’s in harisa sauce??


One thought on “Air Base basics…

  1. Hi Mi
    Hope you and J have as much success in Turkey as you did on your first encounter. In any case you can soak up the new scenery and culture. Laurie

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