May Day

I can’t believe it’s already May! Yesterday was an eventful day. It’s remarkable how, if you pay attention to them, how many little opportunities for celebration throughout the year. I used to never think much of May 1st (besides it being the entrance into my “birth month” 🙂 ), but I’ve since learned that for many folks May Day is a bonafide holiday. And why not? The 1st of May is almost always bound to be a gorgeous day. Unlike Easter, it’s a time when we can confidently celebrate the onset of spring with time out of doors. I love how such an ancient and yet “unofficial” holiday can mean so many different things for different groups of people. (May Poles, anyone?) In my case, this May Day meant music, motorcycles, a few dance steps, a bit of white wine, and a cacophony of frogs! (Yes, frogs…)

Here are a couple of pictures from the day… Isn’t it cool how it looks like we’re in Ireland? But, also notice how we’re all huddled in the shade. Definitely not Ireland.

Myself along with a few of our students serenading the pigs. A few people wandered by, too...

We were also the first act who got the chance to use their brand new amphitheater. I’m coveting their dance boards. Someday, someday…

No frog pictures, unfortunately. Friends of held their annual May Day party later on that evening which included a bountiful potluck and chatting and tunes late into the wee hours. For the occasion, they finished several large outdoor projects including a new deck and a spectacular natural pool complete with water plants and… FROGS! Lots and lots and lots of frogs! A few of us tried playing a few tunes down near the water, but it was so loud that we only lasted about twenty minutes or so before we gave up and wandered back towards the food… Spring is most definitely here!


2 thoughts on “May Day

  1. Yeah, May Poles!!! That made me think of a tradition I got to know here in Bonn. On the morning of May 1st I was riding the bus to work and on the way I saw at least a dozen HUGE trees tight to buildings, lamp posts, street signs, etc. that had heart-shaped signs on them for the loved ones. The lady of choice stepping out of her house in the morning has no choice but the notice the token of affection. This is so popular here that there are several businesses that specialize in May Trees. You just go to their website, choose the size tree you want (the bigger the more expensive of course), give the address where it should be delivered and the name of the loved one (for the heart-shaped sign) and there you go. They will deliver the tree in the middle of the night and attach it to whatever they find. Crazy, huh? I hinted to Matt that I wanted one next year, too!!!!

    • What a cute tradition! I’ve never heard of that before–do you have any pictures of what the tree decorations look like? And, yes, you will most definitely need one of your very own next year! 🙂

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