two days…

…until I no longer work at my current job. I can’t say that I’m sad to leave my role there or the space, itself. But, I will miss my co-workers, and I definitely feel that I am one of those lucky people who can easily say that I enjoy being around all of the other ladies who share that small office with me. We generally take a break to play Madlibs around 3pm, and there’s always a crossword puzzle posted conveniently in the bathroom. (No secrets here, I guess–right? Not that anyone out there is likely to read this, though…)

Seriously, though, it will be weird to not go into work on Monday. While I don’t generally define myself by my job as an editor, I certainly have no trouble answering the inevitable “what do you do?” questions. I wonder what I’m going to be able to say while we’re abroad. Will it even come up? I suppose many of the other spouses on base will be in a similar situation. Hopefully I’ll be able to teach plenty of dance classes while I’m there!

On the flip side, not wallowing away in front of my office computer will give me more time to decide how best to use this blog! One of my whistle students mentioned, at the last class, that I should keep a blog throughout our travels. Am I on top of things, or what? 🙂 As I was waking up this morning, I was thinking that I could even use the blog to share a tune (for any interested parties, that is) once a week. New Tune Tuesdays, or something cutesy like that. I can post an audio file and then write up any background I have on the tune or point out potentially tricky parts. Definitely an idea to think about!

Oooh, I hear the buzzer for the dryer. It’s time to put sheets on the bed… (See, look at me–I’m getting domesticated already! Sort of…)

Just for fun, in honor of new tunes to come,  I’ll sign off with this photo from our wedding…


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