…too much of it. I woke up this morning thinking about craigslist and about the enormous, cream-colored sectional laz-y-boy couch that J has grudgingly agreed is just TOO big for us to take to a tiny house on an Air Force base in Turkey. Victory! And, so, at 5:00am this morning, my brain was spinning about all of the other things in this townhouse that weigh on me and that I’d happily post to craigslist. I fixated on our closets, kitchen cabinets, how to convince J that the reason we asked for nice skillets on our wedding registry is so that we can get *rid* of the scratched ones…  But, one task at a time, right? For now, I should probably bask in the glow of picturing some local college frat boys loading (with difficulty, I’m sure!) said ginormous couch onto a truck and driving off.

So, this makes me wonder: What is the real story with couples and STUFF?? Is it common for a husband to need more closet space than his wife? Perhaps *I* just need to go shopping! 🙂


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