t -2 days…

….is how long I’ve been a married woman. <<<Edited to note: I’m not sure why the date of this post says March 3rd rather than 22nd, considering we got married on the 20th… Odd stuff…>>> How to even say that? It’s as though the exact shift from being a single entity to having my life linked to that of another slid right by me. I remember the day, and the feelings, but I can’t hold onto those images or sensations for long before they slither through my fingers. J and I had a short engagement, and we have been together for less than a year. But, it will work–it *is* working, and we’re excited! (And nervous, of course.)

I am now a military wife. Quite an odd role for the daughter of two New York Jews who was raised in a medium-sized liberal college town. Before J and I met, I used the word “army” for all branches of the military, just like a lot of folks use the word “kleenex.” (The Kleenex thing bugs me, by the way…) In any case, I had never in a million years envisioned myself in such a “wifely” role. So, this should be interesting! (For you all, at least… Kidding, kidding!)

I’m hyphenating my name, too. I have a very rare last name, and he doesn’t. In combination, it actually sounds surprisingly good. A sign, perhaps? If not a sign, then maybe more of a symbol. Again, I had simply never been one of those little girls who grew up dreaming of weddings or who practiced writing my name with the last names of boys I liked. It just never occurred to me. That is, until J got word of his next assignment, one where only legal dependents can come along. And, bam, just like that, perspectives shifted. To prevent two years of living half a world away, I’d have to make myself “dependent.”

So, there’s of course more to the story, not the least of which includes an awesome wedding on a glorious first day of spring after this brutal winter. But that can come later. The important thing is that I’m setting the stage for telling more stories–of the past or of what is to come. One way or another, you’ll hear more from me soon!


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